Friday, June 1, 2018

How To Post Youtube Videos With Large Thumbnail On Facebook

YouTube video promotion is very important thing to grow your youtube channel if you are new in this field, most youtubers who have created new channel want to promote thier youtube videos in free. facebook is the best platform to promote your youtube videos without any cost, all you need to do is copy the link of your video and share it on facebook pages and groups.

While uploading youtube video you have to create or choose a good thumbnail for your video that can attract viewers to watch land on your video, youtube video thumbnail also plays very important role to drive traffic from facebook to youtube channel.

When we share our youtube video on facebook, its thumbnail appears very small because facebook does not want google's products to be promoted on its platform. that's why we can not get much traffic on our videos, many third party websites allows you to share large thumbnail of your youtube videos on facebook using their third party links but i am going to tell you easiest trick to post youtube videos with large thumbnail on facebook without any third party website.

Post Youtube Videos With Large Thumbnail On Facebook

To enable this feature first of all go to your Youtube Channel the go to Creator Studio and click on Edit button in which video you want enable this, after that just click on Advance Setting option and scroll down.

Then Uncheck the Allow Embedding box under the Distribution Options, and save your video.

Now copy your youtube video link and go to facebook page or group wherever you want to post your video and just past the link and publish your post.

As given in the screenshot your video will be published on facebook with large thumbnail using official youtube link, by using this trick you can drive more traffic to your videos from facebook.


  1. Useful information to post youtube videos on facebook with large thumbnail.

  2. Thank you for this informative post! It helps me to deal with my newbie take on youtube. Does this also post big thumbnail for a personal facebook post?